The Disposable I.V. Stabilizer

It's not pretty; but it works. Guaranteed!
  • NO interruption to I.V. flow (Guaranteed)
  • NO interruption to nurse's daily tasks (NO I.V. Occlusion)
  • NO chance of passing viruses (Disposable)
  • NO E-collar/Reduces patient stress (Catheter Protected)
  • NO harm to our environment (Biodegradable)
  • NO waste (Saves time, saves money)


To guarantee a continued I.V. flow:

  • Place an E-collar as needed to prevent possible chewing.
  • Place the protective bag (provided) as needed to prevent possible saturation.


Size small accommodates all size cats and miniature breed dogs.
*Coming soon, size large – accommodates approximately 20 lb to 30 lb breeds

The I.V. Stabilizer has provided Veterinarians and Technicians the opportunity to address a patient’s comfort, while providing a more convenient, practical, and cost-effective way to perform procedures.
The I.V. Stabilizer absolutely guarantees a continuous flow of fluids during I.V. infusion, while completely protecting the intravenous catheter without the use of cumbersome e-collars.
The Disposable I.V. Stabilizer saves time and money, while providing your patient with a safe and clean environment with each procedure. No ”re-use” guarantees no viral transference.


How It Works

Simply apply the patient’s front leg into the base of the I.V. Stabilizer (elbow at 45 degree opening), place the top portion over the leg accordingly, and secure with tape. Once secured, the IV Stabilizer holds the patient’s foreleg stable, guaranteeing the uninterrupted flow of fluids. There is no need for cumbersome neck devices because the IV Stabilizer protects the intravenous catheter. It’s two-piece design makes it easy to use and only takes a few seconds of the technician’s time to tape in place.



  • The disposable design provides a more sterile environment for each patient and eliminates the possibility of viral transference
  • Disposable, no time spent on cleaning
  • Helps Your Practice Be “Eco-Friendly”



  • Optimize productivity
  • Offer convenience to your nurses
  • Provide comfort and well being to your patient



For more than 10 years, the Disposable I.V. Stabilizer has been a mainstay in veterinary practices, worldwide, as the only veterinary tool that effectively prevents occlusion during intravenous infusion. Composed of biodegradable, sturdy pulp fiber, the Disposable I.V. Stabilizer delivers all the great performance that Veterinarians have come to expect, while helping practices promote environmental stewardship by becoming more “eco-friendly” in their communities. Because it’s disposable, this I.V. Stabilizer eliminates any need for post-procedure cleaning. It also promotes a more sterile environment for each patient’s procedure. The two-piece design ensures complete protection of an intravenous catheter, a comfortable fit and is very easy to use. It only takes a few seconds of a Technician’s time to tape in place for the uninterrupted flow of fluids.


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