• All spring loaded feline mouth gags (items 500764 and 507680 – pictured below) removed from hospitals immediately due to compromised patient safety.
  • Spring loaded mouth gags in feline patients present risk of maxillary artery compression, resulting in potentially permanent neurologic injury or blindness.
  • Replacement item is Dentalaire® mouth prop (confirmed as acceptable alternative from previous field survey – pictured below). The new mouth prop is not to be used in brachycephalic cats.
  • All spring loaded feline mouth gags collected and disposed of upon receipt of the new mouth props.
  • Medical directors, chiefs of staff, and practice managers inspect all dental equipment to ensure complete removal of feline spring loaded gags.
  • Hospitals begin exclusive use of new mouth props upon receipt.
  • New props are radiopaque so would be visualized radiographically in cases of accidental ingestion or inhalation.
  • Additional tool available for hospital use – dental cheek retractor (501088 – pictured below) – may be ordered to assist with visualization during dental procedures.
  • No mouth props of any kind are to be used in brachycephalic cats due to safety concerns.


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