About Us

Lowe’s Medical Inventions (LMI) was founded in 1997 as a company that researches, develops, and manufactures innovative products for the human and veterinary medical and dental fields. LMI prides itself on evaluating current medical trends, identifying professional needs and crafting products which accommodate the user and improve the quality of care for both people and pets.

LMI introduced the I.V. STABILIZER PLUS and the DENTAL-PROP to the veterinary market, in January 2000 and, by 2001, LMI had distribution coast to coast. In 2004, LMI expanded its product line, creating innovative products which accommodate the human medical and dental markets, as well as the large animal market. LMI currently maintains sales in the United States, Europe, Asia and Canada.

LMI continues to launch innovative products that are necessary to the field for which it is designed and user-friendly to those providing practical application.

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