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Hello Mr. Lowe,
We tried a sample of the Disposable MINI-PROP and liked it. Could we receive a list of your distributors?
Thank you very much! – David Wright, DDS

This product is easy to use, it is slim and compact which increases patient comfort and allows the assistant better access to keep working field dry. – Michael Belda, DDS

As an assistant, I love that this product allows me a greater amount of access in the patient’s mouth, compared to standard bite blocks – Denise Najera, RDA

To Whom It May Concern,

I’ve worked in the dental field for five years and have only been familiar with the rubber bite block. Recently my Doctor and I tried the MINI-PROP and found it is a lot easier to use. The MINI-PROP opens the patient’s mouth wide, and doesn’t slide forward like the rubber bite block does. The MINI-PROP is disposable, and saves time. In the field we work in, Endodentics, we use a rubber dam which covers the patient’s mouth. The MINI-PROP leaves a large enough space to suction the patient’s mouth easily. The MINI-PROP is a great tool for any dental office and a product we will continue to use. – Michelle Jackson, RDA

I have been practicing Endodontics for the last 10 years. I treat between 600 to 1000 patients a year. Endodontic treatment in a specialty practice is not a quick procedure. The cases referred to my office are more complex and difficult. The time required to successfully treat these teeth ranges between 1-2 hours. During this time the patient has their mouth open quite extensively to allow access to the posterior regions of the jaw.

The majority of teeth that I treat in my office are posterior teeth.
Patients come to my office to try and save the teeth that are important to them as far as maintaining occlusal balance, anchorage or vertical support.
Not all patients have a complete complement of teeth. Many patients may only have posterior teeth on one side of their jaw. This can present a problem when working in the posterior region with no teeth on the other side to place a mouth prop.

Mr. Richard Lowe introduced me to his mouth prop a few months ago. The mouth prop is placed in the anterior region between the upper and the lower canine teeth. The mouth prop provides adequate access to the posterior teeth without interfering with instruments or visual from a microscope. The patient is able to relax their jaw in a situation that before was not obtainable. This facilitates treatment and provides patient comfort.

I believe there is a market for Mr. Lowes product in cases that require anterior teeth to provide placement of a mouth prop. – David C. Beachler, DDC Inc.


The IV stabilizer is one of the most dependable pieces of equipment we have in the hospital. – Dr. Tancuan D.V.M. & Joy Treadway, Nurse

My whole team has absolutely loved it and I recommend this for all animal hospitals, we can now never live without it. Thanks so much!!! – Torry Whitfield, Hospital Director